Fable Holdings Limited

Recycled Fabric


The Problem

Doing what we can to minimize impact on the environment and maximize our benefit to the society.
Recycled fabrics by HTT
----------- Made from recycled materials
Colorant in fiber
Consistent quality

Ecorona is the HTT’s trade name for a series of polyester yarn, fabric and garments product from recycled post consumer plastic bottles. Ecorona certified by China Textile and Apparel Testing Center and SGS certification is under process. Fabric processing of Ecorona is similar to fabrics made from virgin polyester yarns. Product performance is equivalent even better than virgin products.

Product Benefits

Reduces the need for landfill space Reduction of demand for dyes and fixing agents Reduces demand on oil, every 1 ton of Ecorona yarn can save 6 tons oil Results in less pollution and energy savings (more than 80% than virgin products)
HTT is a partner of US raw material company Unifi to expand recycled polyester market, filament available 70D/34F, 70D/68F, 100D/68F, 150D/34F, 150D/36F, 150D/68F, 150D/96F

The Recycle Process